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  • tall-tireOur Commitment to Technology

    For over three decades Dave Denmon has committed himself and his team to the belief that if they did not invest in technology, tools and training that they could not fully service their clients’ needs. As a result of this commitment to you our customers, we offer you an alternative to dealerships while delivering the highest quality repairs on any vehicle bumper to bumper…meeting or exceeding all manufacturer specifications.

    Constant Improvement

    Each year we invest in the latest technologies such as our laser precise wheel alignment tool or new scanners and diagnostic software that deliver the same in depth repair analysis you would expect from your dealership.   This OEM equipment ensures that we will continue to service even the newest car models with the tools and analysis that the manufacturers' dealers themselves use.

    We hope that you ask Dave himself more about our commitment to technology when you visit and what this means to your specific vehicle.

  • scan-toolWhat does OEM mean? 

    OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  You may have heard the term "OEM" used to describe software or electronics that use the same parts and match exact standards as a manufacturer such as Dell. As a result, you can buy a Dell laptop battery from another supplier which completely matches the original battery you were provided by Dell.    

    In the vehicle maintenance and repair industry, this means that the same diagnostic devices and tools that dealerships use are available to non-dealership auto service centers such as Dave’s Car Care. By using the same diagnostic and repair tools Dave's can offer you a dealer service alternative that meets every manufacturers' standard.

  • mean-to-you-220What does OEM Scanning, Diagnosis, and Repair Equipment Mean to You?

    We use the same scanners to locate and define problems as dealer service shops.  We also use the same tools used by car manufacturers to service your vehicle as dealerships.   Even our diagnostic computers contain the same codes and allow us to reprogram your vehicle when necessary to complete a repair. 

    By adhering to the same standards as dealer repair shops (and in some cases exceeding them) we complete every repair to the standards set by the car manufacturer.  Thus whether you drive American or Asian, Family or Luxury vehicle;  you can be confident that everything from oil changes to major repairs are done right, always in the manner designated by the car manufacturers themselves.

    check-engine-2So if your vehicle’s service light comes on, bring it into Dave’s, and rest assured that we can properly diagnose and correct the problem.  We can service every major manufacturer’s vehicle models because we use the same technology and tools that they employ to service your vehicle.   This includes: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, General Motors, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, SAAB, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche.

  • car-emissions-001Emissions Servicing

    As a result of mandates by the Federal government and the creative work of the Society of Automotive Engineers, aftermarket repair shops like Dave’s Car Care have the ability to reprogram your vehicle's emissions when an emission issue is present.  We employ the latest tools to program your vehicle according to the newest standard created by the Society of Automotive Engineers J-2534-II.

  • iscanwii-2BMW / Porsche / Mercedes


    We use the iScanIIwt a specialty tool the brings the exacting standards of Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche together.  This tool works so well that it actually allows our shop to recode BMW controllers.

  • gscan-2Chrysler


    We carry the latest laptop interface device and the top laptop based diagnostic software, the ‘Wi-Tech Diagnostic Application’ created by Chrysler to keep your Chrysler running properly to manufacturer’s standards.

  • IDS-VCM-2Ford / Lincoln / Mercury


    We use the latest IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Scanner) used by all Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealerships to cover vehicles from 1996 to current models.  We also employ other tools for older vehicles along with adhering to manufacturer recommended standards.

  • tech2-2General Motors Vehicles


    We use the Tech2/Candi, one of the most popular GM dealership scanners allowing us to service all needs for GM vehicles. When matched with the manufacturer’s diagnosis software we have the means to deliver manufacturer standard repairs for your GM vehicle every time.

  • MVCI--2-2Honda / Acura


    We use the Multi Vehicle Communication Interface (MVCI) and the Honda Diagnostic Software used in Honda/Acura dealerships.   This allows our technicians to diagnose and correct your Honda or Acura’s problems with the same precision as our dealership counterparts.

  • gscan-2Hyundai / Kia


    We use GSCAN which brings together the exact Original Equipment Standards used by Hyndai and Kia dealerships. The GDS software that accompanies this equipment is updated about every 90 days to ensure that we always stay up to date with all manufacturer standards of diagnosis and repair.

  • tech2-2SAAB


    We use the SAAB Tech2 used by every SAAB dealer in the United States to service all SAAB vehicles 1988 and newer. This equipment allows us to complete a myriad of repairs from trouble codes to resetting convertible tops.

  • techstream-2Toyota / Lexus


    Our latest equipment provides full dealer level diagnostic and reprogramming in vehicles 1996 and newer. We use the Tech Stream Lite for newer models, the latest OEM equipment available. We also include other equipment as well to service older models.

  • volvo-dice-2Volvo


    Volvo’s dedicated interface device nick named ‘DICE’ is the same scanner equipment found at Dave’s Car Care. We couple this with Volvo’s VIDA software on our laptops to make sure your repair is completed to the same specifications as your local Volvo dealership.

  • volks-audi-2Volkswagen / Audi


    We use a tool that actually combines the manufacturers’ standards for both of these car companies.  Some of the enhancements on our VCDS system even exceed the scan tools used by Volkswagen and Audi dealerships.

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