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Dave's Car Care

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I started going to Dave's in 2002.  At that time I had a 7 year old Hyundai Excel.  Some time in 2005 I had a timing chain replaced.  A couple of months later the chain broke and my engine got messed up.  I figured, "oh shoot, this is going to be expensive!"

The owner himself called to discuss the job.  He explained that I was still under warranty for any parts used in the repair and that I had to pay exactly ZERO DOLLARS!!

Car was repaired and I continued to drive that Hyundai for another 4 years until I sold it.  Fourteen years total.

Here's the thing.  I know that I have been taken advantage of by other garages through the years.  I know that I've spent a lot of money because of my ignorance about cars and car business.  I didn't even think to ask about warranty--I assumed I was up the creek.  When Dave called me and told me I didn't owe a dime on this $1,500 repair, I knew I had finally found a car doctor I could trust.

So, even though I was satisfied with the work, it was HONESTY that sold me on Dave's.  I should also mention that the folks who work there are friendly, informative and helpful. They do their best to help you with transportation, whether it might be a lift home if you live in the area, or a lift to a local car rental place, or if they have a car available for you to use while yours is in the shop.  The waiting room and bathroom is clean and comfortable and they have coffee and newspaper.

I would recommend DAVE'S CAR CARE to anyone I know who was looking for a garage.


Outstanding service

I am very impressed with Dave's Car Care.  They are quick to get me in everytime my vehicle has problems.  They diagnoise it and give a quote.  I've never had a shop that completes the repairs as quickly as they do.  I don't have another vehicle so this is very important to me.    The staff is extremely friendly and always willing to explain everything so you understand what your vehicle needs.  They maintain all our family vehicles.  I would recommed this shop for all your repairs.


The Best

 I was recommended to Dave's Care about a year ago. I finally found an auto repair shop that I can truly trust. I have been to many auto repair shops and have never been treated like I have been at Dave's. Their concerns for their customers are way beyond the call of duty. Their office area and work area is kept as clean as a hospital. Dave and his office staff 's professionalism is outstanding. Always their to make sure each and every customer is taken care of with the utmost care. They have a shuttle and loaner cars there as well. I travel approximately 20 miles every time I go to Dave's shop. Believe me it's worth the trip because of their service and excellent repairs. I bought a Cadillac from Lund's Cadillac in 1999. Had a problem 7 years ago and brought it in several time to Lund's. They were never able to repair the problem. Gave me excuse after excuse. I also bought my car to several other repair shop and no one was able to repair it. After I became a customer of Dave's Car Care, I mention the problem to Dave and showed him the invoices from Lund. Dave said, let me take a look. He solved the problem in one day.Thats what I call service and being professional in auto repairs. I could good on and on but, the only thing I can say, is Dave's entire staff are fantastic from Dave to his mechanic. Believe me, you will never go wrong using Dave's Car Care. Thank you Dave, Ray Gonella

Ray Gonella

Service Wizards

The dealership tried three (3) times to fix a problem with my auto A/C with no success.  I finally took it to Dave's and his crew identified and fixed the problem in one (1).  I have been going back to Dave's for all my routine maintenance and repairs ever since then.


Amazing Service

Thank you so very much! Dave's went the extra mile for us. They would not let me go without brakes. I just found a mechanic that really cares! 

Bryan Arseneault

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Once again I had to have Dave's fix my sons pickup. They did an excellent job and everyone is so friendly, boy do they know there stuff.  I'v always had  great service since the 80s. I never have to worry about the vehicle when it's worked on at Daves car care.


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