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Dave's Car Care

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from the onset of our engine seizure Keenan took us through each and every step, we were never left wondering or guessing, he handled the warranty company and insured that no unessecary monies let our pocket. if you are looking for an honest trustworthy shop look no further!

jim fuller

Trustworthy - Not your average mechanic!

After taking our car to a National Chain type auto shop, my husband and I let our car sit for a few months as we saved the estimated $2800 they said it would take to fix our PT Cruiser.  Once we had the money needed we searched around for a reliable, honest shop that could give us a second opinion.  We came across Dave's Car Care on several review type websites.  Although we live more than 20 miles away we decided to have our car towed there and have them take a look.  Within 24 hours the  friendly, honest staff at Dave's called us with a total break down of what was needed.  As we had hoped, but not expected, the car DID NOT need what the other guys told us.  It was a much cheaper fix, the actual repair cost about $750!!!  Dave's was honest and clear about what the problem was.  We were so relieved and had savings of over $2000!!!  Without pressure the mechanics at Dave's suggested some other fixes we knew we had been putting off for awhile.  The total bill, even with the other fixes, was $1105!!!  What a relief.  THe work was done in 3 days, not 10 days like the other guys said!  We will never go anywhere else!  Thank you so much Dave's Car Care!

Kathy and Chris - Anthem


We all know how it is to get an estimate on work that your vehicle doesn't really need. So, when you  compare other estimates you discover that the cost seems about right.    The only thing is , that you never really needed to have the work done in the first place...   Being at the mercy of people who just can't be trusted is something that, "NOBODY WANTS TO EXPERIENCE".

Well guess what ;   Finally , a business with ,Integrity, good Morals, and are just downright Honest.    If you add that up with competable prices , you get,


I have always been reluctant to refer others to , car repair services, however this is a refreshing exception to the rule.     So if you have a need small or large give them you'll be glad you did.


John C. Juarez

One Less Thing to Stress About

I've been using Dave's Car Care for a few years now and what a relief!  Finally I feel like I'm not going to get raked over the coals.  I always get fair prices, great service and an honest assessment of whether something needs to be done now or I can budget it in for my next visit.  On top of that, the folks at Dave's are always very hospitable and I feel like I'm getting treated like a friend. 

As a single mom, I have always felt like a target for getting taken advantage of when it comes to car repair work.  But at Dave's I can trust that that I'm getting an honest deal.  Now if only they did carpet cleaning, HVAC service and exterminating too!  :)

Heidi Anderson


I started going to Dave's in 2002.  At that time I had a 7 year old Hyundai Excel.  Some time in 2005 I had a timing chain replaced.  A couple of months later the chain broke and my engine got messed up.  I figured, "oh shoot, this is going to be expensive!"

The owner himself called to discuss the job.  He explained that I was still under warranty for any parts used in the repair and that I had to pay exactly ZERO DOLLARS!!

Car was repaired and I continued to drive that Hyundai for another 4 years until I sold it.  Fourteen years total.

Here's the thing.  I know that I have been taken advantage of by other garages through the years.  I know that I've spent a lot of money because of my ignorance about cars and car business.  I didn't even think to ask about warranty--I assumed I was up the creek.  When Dave called me and told me I didn't owe a dime on this $1,500 repair, I knew I had finally found a car doctor I could trust.

So, even though I was satisfied with the work, it was HONESTY that sold me on Dave's.  I should also mention that the folks who work there are friendly, informative and helpful. They do their best to help you with transportation, whether it might be a lift home if you live in the area, or a lift to a local car rental place, or if they have a car available for you to use while yours is in the shop.  The waiting room and bathroom is clean and comfortable and they have coffee and newspaper.

I would recommend DAVE'S CAR CARE to anyone I know who was looking for a garage.


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Courteous and honest service
Since moving to Glendale 6  months ago,  I have been taking my car to Dave's.  I was pleasantly surprised with their honesty and kindness in keeping my car repaired.  I am a widow and have to relly totally on  them to keep my car in good running order.  I would recommend them to anyone.  

Sandy Sager

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