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Dave's Car Care

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Great Personal Service

I've been going to Dave's since it was Dave's Tire Corral. They have always been dependable and honest with all of my car repairs.  Their customer service is fantastic and the personal touches are a refreshing change from most businesses these days. Thanks Dave.

Lisa S.

A/C Repair

The A/C on my 1999 car stoped working. I had several Repair Shops, plus the Dealer, They all said that it would take 7 or 8 days to repair and would cost twice what Dave charged. Dave did it in about 3 days. Dave called me after they started the work and told me what the cost would be and how long it would take. The work was completed in the time and cost I was told.

John Conley


I recently took my wife's 2004 Chevy Suburban in for work. A couple days later I received a call from Dave's and they informed me there was an overcharge on my bill and would be receiving a check. I received the refunded money today and along with it was a letter of apology for the inadvertant charge. All I can say is WOW!!! We would have never known about the overcharge but Dave's is all about service with integrity. Thanks so very much for being a shop that values trust..... By His Grace, Brian Myers

Brian Myers

I was stranded...

When my car overheated, Dave's was the closest repair shop--and I got really lucky. They provided a loaner so I could get to a meeting I couldn't miss and repaired my car with no hassle. Dave's has earned my future business and I'll recommend Dave's to anyone looking for honest, reliable service.  

Betsy T.

Great Customer Service

Moved to this side of town a few months ago and I'm happy to have found Dave's Auto Care. Customer service is an A+, and I will be referring all of my friends. Honest, Dependable, Prompt, AAA approved. 4 stars in my book. Thanks, Dave's!

Nissan Owner

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Best in the West
Dave's has the best auto care around. The service is always fast and fair and all the folks there are so friendly and eager to help. The service is excellent and prices are very reasonable.


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