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Dave's Car Care

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Way above and beyond for the customer


It was one of the first coolish October Saturday afternoons (93 degrees) and my 10 year old Honda CRV suddenly overheated which it had never done before. I had my 11 year old daughter who has a severe case of autism and her two care providers in the car. Steam was flooding from under the hood. There was Dave's Car Care so I pulled in. I live in the East Valley and it is a scarey thing to not be near people you know you can trust. Aaron came out to inspect my car and said that he couldn't get to it until Monday. I called a friend who said he was on his way to get all of us. My daughter doesn't sit or wait well so we walked her to Sprouts a few times. Then Aaron came out and said that they had gotten done early on one job and would take a look at my car. I was nervous about being somewhere that I had never been before and explained that if he could just get it fixed enough for me to get it home, I would be happy. He was very kind as were all the other people working there. They were understanding of my daughter and we felt quite comfortable. He took a look and said it was the radiator hose. Based on my request, he would not run any diagnostics and just replace the hose. He took all the anxiety away. My old car was repaired not long after my friend arrived to get us. My friend said that he had not seen that level of service and care in our big city.  (He’s from Nebraska.)  It helps to restore our faith in humanity to have the opportunity of dealing with Aaron and his crew.  I will be back and I will be sending friends there including parents of children with autism. 


Laura Foster

Another Above & Beyond

Wow! Fury Lu and I (she is my '01 Dodge Dakota truck) wish to thank everyone at Dave's for their kindnes, service and trouble shooting with a finance company. I thank my dau Katherine for sending me to you in January. We are much relieved that the truck is repaired properly and recommend your company to everyone. I have also placed a RAVE on my Facebook page. Blessings to you all.

Barbara Kline

Above and beyond

I've been meaning to tell this story for quite a while and am just now getting around to it.  I had dropped my car off at Dave's, but was unable to pick it up as I had gone into the hospital.  After I was out of the hospital, I was still unable to drive.  When I let Aaron know the situation, I was shocked to find out that Dave was going to personally drive my car out to me.  It's no short trip, either.  I live in the far west valley.  I was flabergasted by that gesture.  I won't take my car anywhere else.  They really know how to treat customers right.  In an age where customer service has been forgotten, the staff at Dave's are the exception and I love it! 

Rodney Stalnaker


I always find the staff professional. The facility is clean and organized, I beleive this is important when evaluating their work

A facility that is clean and oraginzed shows attention to detail and pride in their public perception.

My service has been excetional and a fair price. I feel cofident the job is done correctly the first time.

They continue to perfrom scheduled maintenace to keep my car from developing major problems.

Eric Alt

Great Business and Staff!!

I would like to thank Dave, Lynda  and the whole staff for taking such good care of my vehicles. It's so nice to have confidence and trust your auto repair shop. They hold the highest ethical standards and will always give you a fair and honest quote. Their customer service is the best and they really take time to help and advise you. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!   

Sue Frederick

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Fantastic Service
I took my Hyundai Elantra in for an oil change last month and, as always, received superb service. My vehicle was done on time and they provided a list of deferred work that will eventually need to be done. I appreciate that they are always honest about whether the deferred work is an urgent matter or if it can wait to be done. My family and I a...

Lindy Harden

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