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We are Emission Experts who Guarantee Our Work

Az Dept of Air Quality Emissions Testing Center, emissions repair shop glendale az

After we complete repairs on your car we guarantee that your car will pass emissions, because we take your car in for its next emission test.  



Here are two other reasons to visit Dave's Car Care with your emission needs.

We have the right equipment. We have the right diagnostic tools to determine the cause of the increased emissions and the know-how to fix the problem.  Our technicians are ASE certified on the best practices to solve your emissions problem effiiciently.  

guaranteed to pass emissionsWe check for issues across your intake and exhaustive systems.  Whether the issue involves simple fixes such as gas caps and air filters or includes larger fixes such as mufflers and catalytic convertors, we take the time to track down the problem properly.  This means that you receive a guranteed repair from Dave's that will last.  Your car drives on less fuel and emits less contaminents.  

We hope that you will contact us to find out the Dave's Car Care difference in the area of emissions.   We not only promise to do the work properly, we guarantee it.  

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One Less Thing to Stress About
I've been using Dave's Car Care for a few years now and what a relief!  Finally I feel like I'm not going to get raked over the coals.  I always get fair prices, great service and an honest assessment of whether something needs to be done now or I can budget it in for my next visit.  On top of that, the folks at Dave's are always very hospitable...

Heidi Anderson

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