Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Not your fathers car
Why Diagnostics? It's Not Your Father's Car

Auto & Truck Diagnostic Services

Our ASE certified technicians have the training and equipment properly diagnose any make or model vehicle. We fix what others can't, in fact we specialize in solving your vehicle's most complex problems.
Our Commitment To Technology

Why We Must Charge For Diagnostics

No one likes to pay for diagnostic charges. We understand that it may be frustrating to hear that we must charge for our time to determine the cause and correction for your vehicle’s problem to even go to the next step of providing the estimate for the repair(s).
We spend roughly 20% of our total available time on some form of diagnostic evaluation. In addition to the diagnostic time, we also must factor in the cost of the training, equipment and several other expenses to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.
If we did not charge for diagnostic time, we would not be able to provide our customers with a well-equipped, well-staffed and capable facility to provide accurate diagnostics. There is a world of difference between a code reader (a $60 to $100 tool that requires no training – common in your local retail parts store) and manufacturer’s specific propriety diagnostic scanner (ranging from $2,500 to $15,000) that requires years of training, and along with this, are the thousands of dollars in yearly subscriptions and updates. 
Here at Dave’s Car Care we hire ASE certified and technicians who have many years of experience and training.
Now to answer the commonly asked question, “Will you pull trouble codes for free?”
Our answer is “YES” although we cannot move from the trouble code information to a professional guaranteed repair without the specific diagnostic charges.
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